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Suggestion - Track IR to Wireless Headset


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Not exactly sure where to put this, but since the idea is to use the Corsair Void Pro RGB wireless headset, decided to post it here.


1) finally picked up a wireless headset with mic and love it. The Corsair Void Pro RGB wireless headset has worked perfectly.


2) spend lots of time in flight sims.


3) everyone recommends TrackIR for flight sims.


4) Well, all of the official versions of Track IR are wired.


So what was the point of going to a wireless headset if I have to go back to being wired to use Track IR? Yes, there are ways to modify stuff out there. Could only find one person selling a modified Track IR set up.


So isn't there money to be made by making a Corsair level quality headset with TrackIR integrated?


I would pay for it.

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Very interesting concept, and I'll present it to our developers for review for future products.


I would absolutely jump on this... of course, I have PAID for both so I'd want to trade them in for a FREE headset with track IR built in. :) Never hurts to ask right? :)




I'm actually trying to find the best way to MOUNT my trackIR (home built WAY more sturdy version) Pro to the headset.. The angles make it very difficult as well as you basically lose one side of the lighting effects as you almost must cover it up with the TIR unit.

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did a simple mod, used a 16340 battery, with holder and a 5v step up board, cut the wire and mounted the holder on the trackir. not a heavy weight to live with.


though beware as always when doing this, warranty is out the window as soon as you do this.


Step by step on how i made my trackir wireless(trackclip pro)

1. bought parts, or find parts at home if you are a tech geek like me.

2. sandpaper the surface of the trackir, to give the glue someplace to bond with properly(used two screws as well because my glue was not enough to hold it, due to it being super cheap and bad glue for the job)

3. prepare the battery solution, mine was as stated a 16340 rechargeable battery, a holder and a 5v step up board.(step up board due to 3.7v not quite being enough for the IR led's on the trackclip)

4. mount it using glue and screws(if you have screws, glue should be fine so long as its for plastic)

5. insert battery when you want to use it, remove when not using it.



some soldering skills required, or someone who can do it for you.

one charge of my 16340 battery will easily last 3 days, your mileage may vary.

this can be done much better than what i did, as mine looks horrible, but works.

and my overall gain in weight is about 20 grams over the standard with the wire.. not bad, though my battery tends to pop out if i shake my head too much, this can be easily fixed, i am just lazy..

all parts where sourced on aliexpress.. so prices will likely wary from my cost.

overall, a great conversion for wireless headsets, and if done right, super cheap.(my solution cost about $8 for parts, plus shipping)


Future notes:

Might consider 3d printing some kind of new housing if possible.

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