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Help Needed on screen lock action

tn tx

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Can anyone explain how to initiate a lighting effect when you log off? For example, when I hit LeftWindows+L to lock the computer, the keyboard will default to a red background with the W/A/S/D and directional keys lit in white. How do you change this? Many thanks in advance - this is my first time using any type of keyboard software
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It depends a little on what keyboard you have. Generally:

1 - Create a new profile on CUE

2 - Create the lighting effect that you want on it.

3 - Save this effect to the keyboard memory manually


Most keyboards you can only save static lighting to the memory (the button for this is on a dropdown list near the profile, if you can't find it, let me know). A feature that some keyboards have is to save macros and lighting effects to it as well.

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