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Patch Note for 2.24.35?


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I am not having any problems with it.


on the newest version if you adjust the volume with an ST 100 plugged in (maybe that second part is not a requirement) it stops behaving correctly. A lot of folks are reporting that. There may be other "triggers"


Here are some links to the previous versions although I am pretty sure you can just change the numbers on the links on the corsair website and still get them if the front end doesn't show it:




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I pulled the patch notes for now. I have a new version released soon but if you want to try the next 2.24 beta, here it is:




Hehe yeah, Tuesday is THE day. CUE 3 with Sync it :)

Are there any fixes in this beta compared to the available 2.24.35? Because 2.4.35 broke a lot of things so I needed to downgrade back to 2.23... Anyway ehen CUE 3 will be released in just 3 days I dont see the point in installing any beta of CUE2 now.. ^^

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I corrected the link, sorry! New version is 2.24.48


Okay as in 3 days we will have CUE3 I gave this beta version a go but with this version I still cant download or import any profiles. Also when you click on any of the profiles in the RGB Share all peripherals just stay black and dont preview the profile. But this is a more major issue as it happens with ALL CUE versions, not only with the latest ones.

Other issue is that I still cant upgrade the firmware on my Glaive from 1.03 to 1.04 because the firmware update process immediately stops with an error message after it started.

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