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Corsair Elite / Pro Plus / 8700K Models - UK Release?


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Thought I would mention that it is extremely difficult to navigate to the pages for the above two models on the UK site. Takes you to US stuff - the corsair one page on UK shows U.S pricing. Links to the UK pages for the 8700k show a 'not found', but going to an older (7700k) model and then using the drop down works.


On to my question; when could we expect to see the 8700 models be available for sale in the UK / uk corsair site / amazon UK etc?

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  • Corsair Employees

Thanks for the headsup. I've reached out to our web team to see what's going on with the CORSAIR ONE pages.


I do not have an ETA for Z370/8700K models for the UK at the moment and will update once I have that for you.

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