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Do programing macro and remaping key work on ps4?


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I have corsair k70 rapidfire and I installed cue in my pc and I did some macros and remapping keys but it doesn't work on ps4 or my pc as well. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. The keyboard works fine with itself on both.


Does k70 rapidfire have memory or something like that inside it to save any process done with cue after closing the program or I have to leave It open ?




And should I use 3.0 hub or it is fine with 2.0?

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  • Corsair Employees

The K70 Rapidfire does have onboard memory, but only for a static lighting profile. Macros and dynamic profiles are not able to be saved. The CUE software is required for both dynamic lighting and macro support. Currently, only the K95 Platinum RGB allows for both dynamic lighting and macros/remaps to be saved to the memory.


Currently all of our keyboards do not officially support consoles, and are intended to be used on a Windows based PC.

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