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Unable to log into the Corsair Support System.

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My H100i Cooler has died. It should still be under warranty. I just attempted to open a support Ticket in an attempt to get the cooler RMA/ sent in for Repair.


When I try to log in I see this:


Web Address =




I see the following message in the Browser:



"Message": "005"




I have tried accessing the Corsair Support System from Machine running Windows 8.1 running Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 running Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge.


Adblockers disabled or removed.


Any ideas as to what may be wrong?


I have had to use the Corsair RMA process once in the past when my AX1200i PSU failed after 2 years. The support I received was outstanding, and I sent in the failed unit and had a replacement unit within 1 week. It seems unusual I have problems even logging in now.



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Thank you for your help.


I was able to log in to the Corsair Support Ticket System and I opened a Support Ticket about the failed H100i.


I also opened a support request to see if I could purchase a replacement mike for my RGB Void Wireless headset whilst I was logged in.


Thanks again.

I really appreciate it.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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