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K68 Keyboard issue


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I have a K68 keyboard that doesn't work for my Dell thin client for work. When I plug it in the thin client sees inputs as odd letters an numbers for the wrong keys, and some keys do not work at all. All other keyboards I have connected to this thin client including my K63 Wireless works with the thin client, but my K68 does not.


I started a support ticket an was immediately presented with let's RMA the keyboard. I imagine it is an issue with the firmware or possibly the thin client but hey who knows. Figured I ask if anyone else has experienced this before I go through the RMA.


ATM I am using a crappy Logitech keyboard from best buy for work, then switch to the K68 if I'm gaming at my desk, then K63 if I'm on the couch, wish I could put this logitech keyboard in the trash where it belongs and use the K68 for work an play with my KVM switch. :sigh!:




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Yes, I have tested the K68 directly to the PC and Thin Client, it works with my PC without fault, however connected to the Dell thin client directly or via KVM same results.


We previously had older, different branded thin client and the K68 worked perfect. Since they upgraded us persay lol, it has been an issue.


The K63 is always connected directly to my PC cause we are not allowed to use wireless devices, plus lack of number pad would slow me down.


I guess I'll wait till a firmware update comes out for my K68, when and if it works will decide on if I need to look into a different brand keyboard for work. I can deal with the logitech for awhile longer. I know, I know, 1st world problems~ :laughing:

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