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Non-Corsair LED strips connecting to Lighting Node Pro


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I am planning on getting the following:


  • 2x HD120 fans (for CPU cooler push/pull)
  • 1x Lighting Node Pro kit w/4x LED strips
  • 1x Silverstone FG142 140mm RGB fan frame


The Silverstone FG142 is going to be installed on my PSU (HX1000w). I would rather not get a Thermaltake Riing PSU as I'm trying to avoid multiple RGB control hardware and software running on 1 computer.


Hint: Corsair, I'd buy a new PSU if you sold a RGB one!


My questions are:


  • Can the Silverstone FG142 be controlled by the Lighting Node Pro?
  • If so, can it be plugged into the same RGB hub as the HD120 fans or does it need a separate RGB hub?


I will be using Corsair Link to control everything (assuming it will all work together).


Thanks in advance!

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Impossible to say with the public information provided from Silverstone.


At the very least, the connectors won't work without you modding them. Probably the simplest part to mod would be the fan ring connectors. See the link in my signature for the parts to create connectors for the Corsair RGB system.


Also, look at this thread: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=165029. This will tell you exactly what cables go where and what kind of LEDs Corsair uses. If Silverstone uses the same type of LEDs, you might be able to get it to work. One of these rings would be configured as 2 HD fans in Link (24 LEDs).

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