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K55 USB Problem

Sgt Spark

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Hi guys, I recently bough a K55 Keyboard, and since I had this keyboard my game start to be funky and slow.


Let me explain. When the keyboard is plugged into the computer, the keyboard work fine in the interface of Windows. but when lunching a game, the game take for ever to load or launch. when keyboard not plugged, everything is fines.


I already contact Corsair and make ticket but still nothing. Also when I go to: control panel > Devices and Printers > K55.. > right click > troubleshooting then it search for problem, then this popsup: ""Plug the device into an available USB 2.0 port, and click Next. Otherwise, click Cancel."" Which physically is plugged into a 2.0USB


in the back I have 6 ports and 2 in the front.

USB3.0: 4 in back and 2 in the front

USB2.0: 2 in the back.


When I plus my old crappy mickey mouse keyboard, it work fine. but a ligit keyboard doesn't I come with corsair because I love corsair and did not want to go with a Razer product.


Thank for helping me out.

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I'd recommend updating your USB and chipset drivers with those from the motherboard manufacturer's website. Also, make sure you have performed all of the latest Windows 10 updates.


Is this behavior only occurring in specific games or all software?

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