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H60 with high temps ?


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I'm new to the forum but hoping someone can give me some advice or help.


I have been building and upgrading my own PCs for over 20 years. My current build is based on an ASUS H97-Plus, i7-4790 and an H60 Cooler. The case is a thermaltake F51 suppressor with a large 200mm fan sucking air in at the front and a 140mm sucking air out at the rear. The radiator for the h60 is on the top of the case.


I've been running this system daily with out problems for several years and it's been quiet and reliable. Its been so reliable I haven't really done much by way of monitoring the temps but I think they were in the low 30's rising to maybe 50-60 under load but its been a long time since I checked.


In the last day or two the system has become unreliable, unresponsive and then shutting down. On reboot the POST reports the CPU had overheated. When I go into the BIOS and leave it sitting the temp slowly rises from room temp (~20C) to 70C in a matter of minutes and the alarm sounds. I tried idling it in Windows and the CPU temp is around 60C and any load rockets it up to 100C. The H60 Pump is plugged into the CPU Fan and reports around 4400RPM and the radiator is on CHAFAN1 and reports 800PM. I disabled ASUS Q so it uses DC to power.


Though the pump says its running the temps etc suggests to me that it's not. does anyone have any ideas ? I am currently looking to replace the H60 with a stock cooler I have to make the PC usable.


Any thoughts or help appreciated



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It is not atypical for the pump to give a reading when the water flow is blocked in another way. Sometimes the pump speed even reads too high. All indications point toward some type of flow restriction. If you are still in the 5 year warranty period, start a ticket with Corsair Support and upload the invoice. Make sure you detail in your ticket the pump speed is still 4000-4400 and the temp slowly rises when up and running. That is the clear indicator this is a cooler failing and not a different issue.
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Thanks to both of you. I'm looking for my receipts though I think I might be out of the 5 year period. Its supported both an i5 and now the i7 so its long in the tooth! I'm up and running with the stock cooler and will look at buying a new H60 :biggrin:
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