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H115i Mounting Issue / need Washers?


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Hey People,


I have a corsair H115i + 7700K(not delidded) on a MSI Z270 Krait.


My temps hit the 90's and can go to 100+, I haven't OC'd and my voltages are way higher then most peoples, room temperature is around 21-22 degrees most days.



I have 2 x 140m Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm Fan


Voltage @ 1.14vore OVERIDE and goes up to 1.16 according to cpu-z

Fans are set to 100% when at 80 degrees +

Fans are setup to exhaust air out of the case.


Ive taken the cpu mount off and reapplied some nocteu thermal paste (line method) and the temps dropped slightly but still hitting the high 90's with P95


I can see there's a gap on the back of the mobo for the mounting bracket, not sure if that's by design and it's fine, or i'm meant to put washers in there to have less space between the mobo and bracket.


I've read the H100's had an issue and just checking if the H115i has the same issue which can be resolved via washers?


Any Information would be appreciated.

You will see the gap in the photo's i've attached.


Cheers :)



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Those folks with the "issue" that required washers?


Yeah ... they didn't need them and didn't bother to check with anyone that knows the system well. Don't do it. Before installing the cooler, the bracket will be a little loose. It should tighten down when you fully mount the cooler as long as you are using the correct standoffs.


After mounting, is the unit tight against the CPU? Once its mounted, do you feel it wiggle? What are your temperatures at idle vs load?


The voltages that you listed are actually under spec; are you sure that you are seeing those voltages? Look in Link for VCPU ... or another monitoring tool for vCore.

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Good to know I shouldn't go down the washer route ;)

The unit is tight against the CPU and the backplate mount doesn't budge when it's all screwed in, Idle temps are 40ish Celcius, load in games is around 84-86c. P95 hits high 90's

According to cpuz the CPU voltage is 1.16, I set it to override so it's at 1.14.


Bios is latest for my mobile model fyi.


Just not sure how the hell it's so high W low af voltage..

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Yeah, could be contact but the cpu mount is on tight, the backs on tight and doesn't budge when i try to move it.


Hopefully the back mount looks okay from the previous photos put on.


Check out these temps, one of the cores is way lower too which is probably what it should be at.


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OK, well good news, bad news. I can see the problem now. Your H115i coolant temp is 50C. So the next question is what's going on with the fans. They read zero in Link, but that would be normal if they are connected to the motherboard and not the H115i Pump controller. Assuming they are running, the pump is maxed and thus power to the unit does not seem to be the issue. That leaves some type of internal blockage as the most likely problem and you need a replacement.


Contact Corsair tech support to start the RMA process. If you are in dire straights and can't do any downtime, you may have to consider a new cooler and to use the replacement as an emergency back up or for some other use.

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  • Corsair Employees

Backplate looks good to me. If you have full contact between the CPU and pump (the pump block shouldn't be moving all) while you're CPU temp and coolant temp are way above the expected range, then it is most likely a defect on the cooler.


Have you tried reseating the pump just to be sure?

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Sorry, then it definitely a cooler issue. You should not see 50C coolant temps except when faced with huge internal ambient temps, usually from another source.


I am not sure the box is required, but that is something Support would need to answer.

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Use the screen shot of Link from above -- the one with the 49.x H115i Temp. In your ticket, make sure you specifically tell mention the 50C coolant temp. Presumably, your CPU and coolant temps are also very, very slow to cool down after reaching this point. The inability of the cooler to remove heat from the coolant stream after any kind of load is indicative of the problem and what separates it from voltage or contact issues. You don't get a 50C coolant temp with any kind of contact issue and even extreme voltage would cause CPU shutdown before you could raise the coolant temp +30C in a working system.
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