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Scimitar Pro Resets Profile


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Hi guys!


I just bought a Scimitar Pro RBG the other day and I am having some trouble with it. After I managed to get the keys on the side assigned properly (I'm using it exclusively for WoW) I faced another dilemma. After I put my computer in sleep mode (Win 10 64 bit) and came back, opened Corsair software, and it tells me there is a profile conflict and asks to save over what's on the mouse to fix it. Well, I allow it, it resets everything. I fix it. Next time it does it I hit "cancel" and it does it anyway...this is getting very frustrating. I also cannot make the profile switcher key and DPI toggle reassign (they should be forward and backwards keys!).


I have tried:


Resetting it to defaults

Updating drivers

Deleting the 3 random profiles it creates every single time I open the software

Making a new profile with a new name and saving it

Reinstalling the software

Screaming at the sky and asking "WHY ME?!"


So...yeah. What am I doing wrong here? I'm about ready to return it out of frustration. :(

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Are you creating software or hardware profiles in CUE? Software have the sails logo and hardware will have an SD card. You will only want to use hardware if CUE is not running, otherwise the software profiles take priority.
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