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CUE 2 driver issue for dolby atmos 7.1


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Hello! I recently bought a Corsair Gaming VOID PRO 7.1, and im having issues with the Dolby settings in PUBG and League of Legends.


When i have Dolby mode on, sometimes in games the volume will alter itself(loudness equalization maybe(?)), making the game sound glitchy. I believe this is an issue with the driver instead of the headset as i have been using Windows Sonic for a virtual 7.1 sound and have not encountered the same issue.


P.S. I have tried Stereo mode and its perfectly fine. Also, i have 7.1 turned on to determine if the opponent is infront or behind of me in PUBG and it works, just that its glitchy, hopefully it will be tested and a fix will come in future patches.

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