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Greetings everyone!


A couple days ago I bought the Corsair 570x+ 3 LL120 fans and Corsair's led strips with the lighting node pro.


Since the initial setup, I've encountered 2 issues.


1. The 3x LL120 fans work just fine for some time (about an hour or so) and then they just switch to the initial rainbow preset (only the fans, the led strips work fine), to my understanding they probably just stop communicating with Corsair Link, cause any change that I make inside Link is not happening on the fans. Sometimes the Link interface is even blank.


2. My other problem is that the 3 SP120 fans that were included with the case(570x) do not light up. I plugged the LL fans on the 1st 3 slots and the SP fans on the other 3 slots on the 6 slot fan hub that was included in the case, then the hub on the 1st channel on the Lighting node PRO and the led strips on the 2nd.


Thanks for taking the time! :biggrin:

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