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RGB Mouse Bungee needed message to corsair developpers


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Hi there, i have the k70 rbg keyboard with the MM800C mouse pad and the corsair glaive. I need a corsair rgb mouse pad. I will prolly buy an other compagnie ones. But missing opportunity there corsair, i have all the kit the rgb headphone stand etc.


But the real reason why i need one is becasue of the mouse pad has a bump on the usb so the mouse cord can sometime get in contact with it.


And it would be stylisdh since it would be made of black aluminium with rgb base and removable heads fitting on type of cord mouse. Thats what you need to do. And quiick. Like starting design it now. and production in 3 month Gogogogo.

i also have 2 lightning node pro a commander pro with 16 strips led and 4 hd fan 4 LL fans in my computer. all that in a corsair case powered by corsair.

fans need this i am pretty sure i am not the only one who wants this.

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