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Scimitar RGB DPI indicator possibilites

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Would it be possible to make the DPI light on any Corsair mice with a DPI indicator act like a normal lighting zone light, maybe as an override option?


It's weird when you have the DPI up down buttons remapped to other functions and you can only set the light to one colour while every other light is using a non static effect(like rainbow wave etc).

It would be cool even to those using the DPI up down as intended if they could display the colour set to the dpi in CUE for x seconds after switching and use the whatever lighting effect is active after just so the indicator light doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Having to use black so it doesn't is lame



Maybe an option to override the Brightness and Windows lock key backlight allowing it to act like the rest of the keyboard lighting wise for Keyboards that have those lighting modes too? It's a shame the Lock indicators are white LEDs only


Is there a hardware limit preventing this or is it possible to add in a future CUE update?

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