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Gigabyte K8ns Ultra-939 and Twin CMX512-3200XLPRO Problems


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Ok, nube altert, so I haven't built a system in awhile. Still, I consider myself reasonably resourceful and I am at the end of my rope with this combination.


Essentially, the problem is that they refuse to work reliably in Dual Channel mode at anything over 166MHz. After I great amount of work, I can get them to pass Memtest-86 overnight at 200 MHz - 208 MHz but Prime95 dies in like 60 seconds. Perhaps I should just give up and consider myself thankful that they work at all (performance is still pretty good at 166), but I'm not the type to give up.


A few facts....

Friends and I built 3 systems with this mobo and RAM (two were ultras, one was the DPS version of the mobo), everyone had the same RAM and of course mine is the only one having problems. After everyone else could run memtest all night just fine even without adjusting timings, I RMAed the memory from NewEgg. New modules act just the same. I can make them work now (sort of) by overclocking HTT just a hair (208) and setting timings something like 2-2-2-6 or 2-2-2-10 2T timings disabled(but not 2-2-2-5). They actually work better at 208 than at 200. Of course I also had to give a little more CPU and RAM voltage (+.2). I am kind of out of ideas to try at this point. NewEgg might not be so exciting about me RMAing the mobo or CPU.


Sooo....anyone have any suggestions of things I can try short of sacrificing a goat? :eek:

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OK, an update.....


I do finally have this thing stable. I actually have two configs, one not OCed and very stable and ther other is OCed and fast but not as stabe...


Stable - change timings to 2.5-3-3-10, HTT=200, CPU-multiplier=11 (yields CPU=2210), DRAM multiplier = 200 = DDR400, HTT Multiplier =5 = buspeed of 1000 MHz. 3dmark=3374, respectable anyway


Less Stable, leave ram timings the same, HTT=250, CPU-multiplier=10 (yields CPU=2500), DRAM multiplier = 166 (.83) = DDR416, HTT Multiplier = 4 = buspeed of 1000 MHz. DRAM=+.2V, CPU=+.15V, HTT=+.1V 3dmark=3405. Working on getting this more stable.

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