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Commander Pro just up and stopped. Mostly.


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Deep breathe and GO!


I've been on the forums since I got this thing. First, it wasn't working at all, then after a few hours of reading the info, I slowly started getting things to work one by one. I moved the front fans to the 3 fan connectors on the H150i and moved the other three fans to connector 1, 2, and 3. Then I notice that fan 1 was not working. The slot previously was working and after moving everything to 2,3, and 4 all fans were running.


Then I moved to the LEDs. No fan was working, but the strips were (I've never had a problem with the strips). After hot-swapping those around, they all finally worked. I went to LINK and everything was great.


Now last night after all those hours of reading and frustration I looked over to admire the work, and 2 fans had stopped, but the lights were on, I believe, possibly not. Later on, that night after I restarted no lights on the fans were working and still 2 fans down.


Progress Update:

1. I daisy Chained the LED strips together and connected the 6 fan LED hub to the second slot in the Node Pro. All lights are working again.


2. Still down 2 fans.


I'm about to give up, but I figured I'd better come here first.



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I'm running a lot of unnecessary things. I was trying different things out to see what I liked. My gfx card is EVGA.


Going to start killing different programs to see if that helps. I'll leave a list of monitoring programs after I am done.


Down to CUE, LINK, and CPU-Z

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EVGA XOC causes all kind of issues. Your logs certainly indicated that there were issues connecting to your cooler - and a prime suspect would be XOC.


I'm not sure XOC was running. I know I've had it up a few times, but it is not set to run at startup and is not running today so far at all.

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