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Corsair Carbide 100R fans


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They are not specifically listed as a replacement part nor are they detailed on the product page. It most likely a variation of this fan, but Corsair often use different versions for stock case fans with slightly different model numbers (AF122W, SP140L, etc). Despite the listing, that linked fan commonly found in cases and on the H55. The specs are:


Fan airflow: 57 CFM

Noise level: 30.32 dBA

Fan static pressure: 1.9 mm-H2O

At a maximum 1700 rpm.


I might be able to narrow it down if you have a picture, but what is the goal here? General curiosity? Or are you looking to increase airflow/decrease noise, etc.?

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From some better pictures I found in a case review, it appears to be the same blade structure and rake angle. The usual tweaks are to the motor for more less current and thus a higher or lower end speed. If you set them to 100%, what kind of max speed do you get? If around 1700 rpm, it is the above. If lower, you can approximate the fan specifications by dividing your max rpm into 1700, then multiplying that fraction by each stat to obtain an adjusted value. Technically 120mm specs are no quite so linear, but that is really all we can do and it is close enough for general assessment.
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