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LL120 fans RGB not working, 3rd set


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i'm on my 3rd set of LL120s with node pro.


Each set after 3-4 weeks or so some of the LEDs fail.

Switching them around on the node, switching channel order doesn't fix them.

getting a new node / fans everything works, for a few weeks, then they fail.


Fans spin, some LEDs light up but mostly dark spots.


anybody know what might cause this, i can't be that unlucky that 3 sets from amazon are all busted?

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Thanks, it's a build from PC specialist, only i added a nzxt X52 cooler and strix 1080


Case: Corsair 460x

Mobo: Z370-E Rog strix

CPU: I5-8600K at stock

RAM: 2x8GB corsair vengeance RGB

GPU: Strix 1080 gtx

HDD1: 500GB Samsung 850 evo

M.2: 256GB Samsung PM961

PSU: Corsair 650W TXm

CPU cooler: NZXT kraken x52

OS: Win 10 home 64



Logitech G213 keyboard,

VicTsing mouse

Razer kraken 7.1 headset


"control software"

Logitech gaming software (This often clashes with link so i don't really use settings on it)

Corsair Link, updated and node pro updated - i use this for all my rgb


Do not have aura installed

AI suite 3

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You'll also have Razer Synapse installed. I'm surprised that the Logitech gaming software would clash with Link ... could you describe what happens? (This is more for my own knowledge).


How are the Node Pro and the RGB Fan Hub powered? Is it on a direct SATA cable? Are they on the same SATA peripheral cable as the cooler & hard drive?

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Yes synapse also.


If i try and run the rgb logitech keyboard on any pattern other than default it goes a bit disco on me flashing and stuttering, works on when i uninstall link.


PSU has two sata ribbons, powering the node, storage, cpu cooler

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