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Prospective buyer questions


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1. Are these torture tested or boot-up inspected before being packaged?


2. Noise dB at 50% and 100% load?


3. CPU & GPU upgrade possible if sent to Corsair?


4. What's the average overclocking headroom?


5. Which state do I send and where does replacement units ship from for any warranty work? Shipping speed used? Shipping cost paid by whom?

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Shipping is rather in-expensive for the buyer. It was $17 for second day air for me.


I believe you send it to california or texas to one of their warehouses for a replacement.


However tax in california is insane. I'm paying $216 in taxes alone on the machine

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Haven't gotten a full response yet. No offense to Technobeard.


There seems to be a spiked issue regarding abnormal idle noise.

6. Have you guys made a judgement on the cause of the noise after inspecting the affected machines?

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