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Void Wireless issue, beyond confused.


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Hi, good luck with this one because I've about lost my mind trying to figure out whats going on.


I've had my Void Wireless 7.1 for around a year, no issues. But in the past week I've noticed that when NO sound is playing, the lights function as normal (I can change modes, dim them, brighten them, etc..) and the volume slider and function buttons on the Void work just fine.


But then.


If I play sound, and I mean ANY sound, Including windows sounds, whilst the sounds play NOTHING works, I can still hear it just fine. But I cant change the volume, I can't change the lighting mode (Thats if they're on at all, sometimes they just go out and stay out) mute and surround on/off make an acknowledging 'beep' when pressed but besides that do absolutely nothing.


Once the sound/music has stopped, after a few moments, everything returns to normal and I'm able to use the device as normal, which is to say, silently.


My progress so far:


I have Windows 10 (64 bit)

I have CUE 2.23.40 (The latest as of writing)

I have VOID firmware/Dongle firmware 39.02 (Also the latest as of writing)


I have completely uninstalled and deleted all drivers relating to the VOID and CUE, freshly reinstalled them from the website with everything closed without error and set up works as intended


I have moved the dongle to multiple USB 3 and 2 ports, all of which have worked with another device just fine before switching.


I have removed all other devices connected by USB


I have restarted both the VOID and windows serveral times.


Please, if there's an answer I'm somehow missing, I would love to know, this is driving me mad.

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