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Corsair 7x LL120 fans


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So seems like I am a Corsair fan without even knowing, got Corsair


- 1x Keyboard RGB

- 1x Powersupply

- 1x Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan - 3 Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO case fan

- 4x Corsair LL120 RGB PWM LED fan 120mm case fan


That so far, I've bought a new case and replaced all the fans with Corsair LL120mm fans (7x) only there is room on the hub for 6 places. How do I solve this? I've read a few threads, but I don't seem do understand what's missing.


In my opinion I should be allright buying one other Corsair LED HUB


Thanks for the help,





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