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1 mobo usb header and 9 fans and 4 rgb strips


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hey all need help , like a diagram because im lost, I have 9 ll rgb fans and 4 rgb lighting strips, 2 commander pros 3 rgb controllers (the six fan ones) and one rgn lighting nod.also a nzxt internal usb hub.i have the nzxt hub hooked up to the only usb header on my crosshair vi hero mob from there I have the 2 commander pros hooked up to the nzxt usb hub and the lighting nod the one for 2 rgb plugs hooked up to one of the commander pros ...and now the fan work and only 2 of the 4 rgb strips work and corsair link has no display of any thing ..were as prior to installing the last 3 fans everthing worked and corsair link works fine ...is the commander pro supposed to be hooked up to mob and if so how do i hook up the second commander pro as I dont want to use the fan headers on my mobo
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Is the NZXT USB hub new as well?


Here's what I'm thinking that the problem is:

We've had issues with the CoPro's internal USB hub when connected to an AMD Ryzen based board. From what I understand (based on what Corsair has said from their analysis), it's due to the Asetek USB controller that's on the Ryzen boards. It's possible that you might be having the exact same issue with the NZXT fan hub.


It's possible that you could use splitters and a single CoPro. But ... that won't help with the RGB will it? Because you'll need still need at least a NoPro and you are out of USB ports.


Wish I had a resolution for you. I don't. Maybe try disabling Fast Boot? Look at the USB options (in the advanced BIOS screens) for other USB-related settings. XHCI hand off, for example. Legacy USB support. Let us know what they are ...

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