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I am living in Turkey and studying Computer Engineering at Çukurova University.I am codding some simple program and editing video&photograph with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.I am also using 128 GB SSD but it is not enough for me.Also as a University student I am playing some computer games.I wrote an e-mail to Corsair Support and they led me here.I need a new SSD but I can not buy new one because in Turkey hardwares are very expensive because 1$ = 3.7 Turkish Liras.Turkey is do not have own hardware company like Corsair.Think that Corsair Force MP500 480 GB is 1300$.How can you buy it?I give a photo here about MP500 Price in Hepsiburada(Hepsiburada is a kind of online-shopping site like Amazon but it only sell in Turkey).As you see MP500 480 GB is 1300 Turkish Liras(TL).I see that Corsair support generally gamers but would you support one time computer engineers?Really I need it.


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