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Corsair Link and CUE stop GPU sleep and making RAM latency worse


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Hi all,

I use Link v4.9.5.25 for my H110i and the Corsair Utility Engine (up-to-date) for my Corsair Coid Pro headset.

Well both produce the same problem:


1) If I use (opened or autostarted in the background) any of these two my GPU (Aorus 1080ti) does not go to sleep (stays at about 15xx mhz instead of 139mhz).


2) If I have any of these two opened and try to messure my latency using aida64 I loose like 5ns in latency (for a monitoring software this seems pretty much if you consider you get 68-69ns without having it running in the background and 72-73ns having it running).


How can I fix it?

(Without just don't using it as I need Link to control my fans.)


Best wishes


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