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Watercooled OCing problem

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abit nf7-s rev. 2, amdxp -nonmobile 2500+, crap steppings, twinx1024pc3200c2, watercooled custom made, basically im wondering my friend and i have basically exact same setup, however his c2 can get up to like 220mhz - 225mhz, and I can only hit 210mhz fsb and timing sare horrible, like i can only run on optimal 9-4-3-3 or something. and i have the d26 rays bios. i also find very odd is when i use fail safe settings, my computer wont boot to windows, i have to use higher vcore around 1.75ish just to boot at 2500+ stock. im wondering if this is a ram, memory, or psu problem, i think my thermaltake psu undervolts and i have no idea why. in winbond it'll say 1.95v and i set my bios at 2.0 volts, strange huh? someone wanna help? if you need more info ask.
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