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Dell 3000 and VS1GKIT400 MAJOR ISSUES!


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I have looked and found 1 thread that may be the answer, but I am fed up now so I am just going to ask and maybe I can get some piece of mind.So if the answer lies in another forum I am sorry.


I have a Dell Dimension 3000 P4HT 3.0GIG 800Mhz FSB 512MB RAM,80 GB HD,Intel Extreme 2 Graphics, Chipset is Intel 865 GV,DMA channels Seven,Interrupt levels 24,BIOS chip (NVRAM) 4MB, Specs state Memory type 333 and 400-Mhz DDR SDRAM,Memory connectors 2,Memory Capacities 128,256,512,or 1 GB non-ECC, Min. Memory 128, MAX Memory 2 GB,BIOS address F0000h


WIN XP Home SP2 just bought system 10/20/04


Is this memory compatible when I install it I can not pull up system information from start up menu, The amount of ram measures .99 GB,And I can not do any adjustments in the system set up menu (F2 on start up), The system shuts down and blue screen states "Large Memory Dump". I know this is not hard to believe but the kid at Fry's told me this was compatible.Please tell me it isn't so I can rest.The system "WAS" running fine until this.Now I can't open "HELP and SUPPORT" in the start up menu. I get error messages.Please help.


Thank you in advance and again if the answer is already here somewhere I apollogize. :confused: :confused: :confused:

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