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CUE2 and K95 Feature Rquest


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I would like to see either a firmware update or CUE2 update that gives the ability to turn on/off all RGB lighting across all CUE2 controlled/linked devices when the light switch on/off is pressed on the K95 keyboard. Also, a toggle added to the CUE2 system tray icons right-click menu to do the same.


There are times during video watching or just at night when the machine is on but idle, that the lights are more of a distraction than not, but that there is not an "easy" way to turn them all on/off in a quick manner.


Also, where is the previously discussed firmware update for the Glaive mouse to toggle or time-out the DPS blue LEDs? They absolutely RUIN! the beauty of the RGB on the mouse otherwise. The forum is full of questions and complaints about this issue. *Update Please*


And of course...We are all still waiting on, at the very least, the Beta release of the Sync-It software. *Update Please*

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