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Firmware or Cue2 - Future Feature Request


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I would like to see either a firmware update or CUE2 update that gives the ability to turn on/off all RGB lighting across all CUE2 controlled/linked devices when the light switch on/off is pressed on the K95 keyboard. Also, a toggle added to the CUE2 system tray icons right-click menu to do the same.


There are times during video watching or just at night when the machine is on but idle, that the lights are more of a distraction than not, but that there is not an "easy" way to turn them all on/off in a quick manner.


Also, where is the previously discussed firmware update for the Glaive mouse to toggle or time-out the DPS blue LEDs? They absolutely RUIN! the beauty of the RGB on the mouse otherwise. The forum is full of questions and complaints about this issue. *Update Please*


And of course...We are all still waiting on, at the very least, the Beta release of the Sync-It software. *Update Please*

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Technically you can create a profile with all of your devices set to black for the LED color, and it will turn off all the LED's. You would just switch to this profile when you want to watch a movie. As far as being controlled by the brightness switch on your keyboard, I would have to check with our developers to see if this is possible.
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