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ML120/140 + Commander + node pro


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Hi all,


I'm super confused about the setup of RGB fans specifically the ML series. I have 3 ML 140s and 1 ML120, currently running connected normally to the motherboard sans RGB. I thought that the commander would allow me to use them fully but I can't see any way to connect the RGB. The same with the Node pro (this seems entirely useless to me)


I dont have a corsair fan hub as I didn't buy a corsair case and it seems bizarre that I would need yet another hub.


Please help,



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You need the RGB Fan hub. It comes with the multi-pack of the ML-RGB fans. Unfortunately, there's no other alternative.


While it may seem "bizarre", the reason is power delivery; the fan hubs exist primarily to provide enough power to the LEDs for the fans. A single Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro wouldn't be able to power 12 fans or 6 fans+strips; SATA has a 4.5A limit on each rail and, believe it or not, some fan configurations come quite close to that.

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I didn't buy a twinpack, I bought them separately. I didn't realise corsair don't consider a £50 hub enough to light up some fans. Bit of a joke really no matter how you look at it.


For a couple? Perhaps. But the system is designed for broad use cases. All of the fans have the same connector. 6 LL fans will draw over 3A of current ... and SATA is limited to 4.5A.


Corsair doesn't write those specs but they do have to engineer around then.


There are ways, if you really wanted to, to push the limit and do some custom cables that would run your ML fans directly from the CoPro or the NoPro. But that isn't how they Corsair designed the fans. And it would be far more confusing to have one system for LL fans, one system for HD fans and yet something else entirely for the ML fans.


Furthermore, this information is pretty widely available and well documented. It's even in your quick start guide. So it's not like it was hidden or took extensive research; just a little reading is required.

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