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1080 graphic issues


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I purchased the one some weeks ago.


After finally having set-up everything, i was going to play some Heroes of the Storm. However when I set the resolution in the 2560x1440, approx after 5 min, I start to lag and weird particles flash and disappear. The game keeps running normal afterwards but some of the ingame control disappears.


Unfortunately I dont have any other games currently to try out, so i downloaded the demo of 3d mark. The test crashes approx around second 27 of the test.


As I was unable to complete a full test, i downloaded furmark.

When I switched to the desktop to check if c-link is showing the same temps (50c) as c-link, this happened:



and the pc crashed.


i deinstalled and reinstalled the graphics drivers. But 3dmark is still crashing at 27 seconds and i am scared to test furmark again.


what should i do?


thx for the support

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Thank you for the quick response.


I am unable to find the setting that you are refering to, can you route me through?




I see that you're in the newer BIOS revision that enables this by default.


If you had the option available it'd be as follows:


Settings -> Advanced -> PCI Subsystem Settings -> PEG0 - Max Link Speed


You'd then change from Gen3 to Gen2.


At this point, I'd suggest talking to our customer support team.

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