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H100i Can anyone explain this?


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It has been two months like this???


Your 50C coolant temp is out of bounds. The pump registers a signal, but that does not mean it is moving coolant. It surely is not, either from a physical blockage or some type of pump failing preventing it from doing its job. Presumably if you cold boot or wake from sleep after a long break, the temps are OK for a few minutes but keep climbing to this level. The top exhaust air may also be cool, despite the 50C coolant temp (the exhaust air should also be 50C or thereabouts).


Contact Corsair tech support through the Link at the top of the page. Include the screenshot. Describe the building temperatures from boot (if true) and cold exhaust (if true). If you have a back-up cooler, put it on. Depending on location and availability, you may be able to do an Advance RMA where Corsair ships you a new unit with a credit card hold, then you ship the old back. However, you must ask for it.

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