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Corsair Link not showing H100i v2


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Greetings all!


First time poster and AIO user so please bear with me.


So, Corsair Link was showing my H100i v2 as of Friday afternoon (3/2/2018), then on Saturday morning (3/3/2018) it wasn't. I have tried every single version of Corsair Link that is available for download, no luck. Also, the Corsair USBXP Driver is shown as hidden in the device manager with an Code 45 error that the hardware isn't attached (I've switched the mini USB cable connection between the 2 available USB ports). Corsair Link shows my CPU running at 29.0 C, with the cores running between 27 - 28 C individually.


My problem is that I can't control the pump nor the radiator fans without the AIO showing up in Link.


Any and all assistance is most appreciated!




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OK ... I was freaked out for a minute. Tip: change your temps to Celsius. All of the specs, everything is in Celsius. I saw your temps in the 80's and thought that you were nearly overheating ... until I realized that it was in Fahrenheit.


So your temps look OK. Some questions: what is the CPU Fan speed? I'm assuming that you have the cooler hooked up to the CPU Fan Header, correct? I know it's probably in the Link view but there's no telling which one it is.


Are you running any other system tools? HWInfo, Aida, EVGA Precision XOC?? Anything at all?

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Thanks for the reply!


Yes, the pump is connected to my CPU fan header and the radiator fans are connected to the pump. I have HWMonitor installed; I had this program installed before I put the AIO into my rig.


New screen of Link running on my rig, this time in Celsius.


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OK ... what is the CPU Fan speed? It's hard to tell in Link.


You do need to make sure that the cooler is set to 100%/Full Speed in the BIOS. If we can get a good feel for the CPU Fan Speed, that's one indication if that's set correctly. Also, it may not hurt to double check the cables.


USB devices will appear hidden when they aren't connected by have been previously.

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Both the CPU 1 and PUMP 1 are showing "0RPM" in the hardware Monitor from MSI Click BIOS 5. I can't seem to find any way to change/set the CPU voltage nor fan speed. This includes the Pump for the AIO. MSI Command Center also shows "0RPM" for the CPU and PUMP.





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You don't change the CPU voltage. You set the fan speed to 100%. Those images that you posted show the screens where you set that. Turn off Smart Fan mode and set it to 100% across the board for the fan header that the pump is plugged in to. I don't know if that's AIO, CPU fan or something else. But whatever header it's plugged in to needs to be at 100%.


If you are sure of that and you still have the same symptoms, you'll need to start the RMA process.

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