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Faulty ValueSelect module


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Hi there,

I have two ValueSelect 512Mb modules, which I purchased roughly a year ago. The part number is VS512MB400, and the lot number is 0349068. They were bought as a matched pair.

They have been working fine for a year, with no problems.

Mainboard is MSI K7n2 Delta L

AMD XP3200

Win 2k


I recently started having problems with BSOD's and error messages when starting windows. Also use Linux as a dual boot, and would get freezes when performing memory intensive tasks. Nothing had changed on my pc to cause the errors (no new programs/hardware installed).

Then had problems installing some games (after re-installing windows), stating that cab files couldn't be read due to lack of memory or disk space.

After a few days of investigation and repeated reinstallation of windows with no luck, I finally narrowed it down to one of my memory modules. I have removed the module (so now running on 512Mb) and everything is working fine again (so far).

Am I still covered for this memory module by warranty?

I am in the UK.


Many thanks,


Mark G

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