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Can't access my USB disk content


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I have a Flash Voyager USB 3.0 which I have been using for months. Today, after few problems with its connection in my laptop, i received the following error messages:






I have tried the free versions of the following softwares: icare, easeus, m3 data recovery to no avail. The best among them shows me only the drive with a space of 78KB when it should be in GBs.


I want to recover the files which were in the disk? Is there a mean to do that? Thank you

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This is a further information about my disk:

Description: [E:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic USB Flash Drive)

Device Type: Mass Storage Device


Protocal Version: USB 2.10 <- Hint: This device can run faster when plugged to a USB3.0 port

Current Speed: High Speed

Max Current: 448mA


USB Device ID: VID = 1E4E PID = 0368


Device Vendor: eEver


Device Revision: 0000


Manufacturer: Generic

Product Model: USB Flash Drive

Product Revision: 1.00


Controller Vendor: SiliconGo [former Kingstor]

Controller Part-Number: USBSÛ$

Flash ID code: 55534253 - 4CE/Single Channel [sLC] -> Total Capacity = 64MB


Tools on web: http://dl.mydigit.net/search/?type=all&q=USBSÛ$



Possible Flash Part-Number





Flash ID mapping table


[Channel 0] [Channel 1]

555342533025 --------

555342534025 --------

5553425350F7 --------

55534253606C --------

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Hello Aben,


I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. Unfortunately it looks like the drive has failed. I'd suggest contacting support at support.corsair.com to see if they can assist you further. Feel free to link this thread instead of re-writing/copying all of the work you have already done.

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