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H100i and CPU: 90+ degrees


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I built my PC in 2013 so all of the parts are currently 4.5 years old. I have the H100i attached to a i7-4770K CPU. The H100i has 4 Corsair fans in push/pull config. Nothing has been changed during this time, and I have rechecked the connections. The case is a Corsair 900D.


The first year or so I had this machine CPU temps were in the high 20s/mid 30 range. Last summer I noticed temps reaching high 50s/mid 60s. A few days ago the PC was lagging so I rebooted it. Upon startup, I had a CPU "high temp warning" and it went straight to BIOS. After letting it cool down for 20 minutes I was able to boot windows. Over the last few days I have restarted the PC/windows several times after cool down sessions. Within 1-2 minutes of startup temps always sore in the 80s/90s for both the H100i and CPU. The pump usually ranges around 2100-2200rpm.


I did order a simple CM EVO 212 to replace the h100i but I'm wondering if anyone has an ideas before I take the h100i out.


Thanks in advance! :biggrin:


Here are the readings from Corsair Link.


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