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K95P - Cue2 2.23.40 - Ripple - No 'Play from pressed key' checkbox


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So I was trying to set up type lighting on my new K95P, and there is no 'Play from pressed key' checkbox for the Ripple lighting effect. I've seen screenshots from other people that clearly show the checkbox under the 'Stop option' dropdown, but it is not present on my system in Cue2 2.23.40 (or the previous version).


I'm hoping I'm just overlooking something obvious, here is what I did to try to set this up:


Switch to advanced mode;

Go to the profile I was trying to set up for this;

Go to Lighting Effects;

Click the + to add an effect (it is the only layer);

Select Ripple from the dropdown;

I have the Start and Stop options, but no checkbox for 'Play from pressed key'


I select keys and add colors to the Opacity control with the plus button under it, and set Start to 'on key pressed', and Stop to 'after' 1 times, but that 'Play from pressed key' checkbox never shows up, and the ripple effect just starts in the middle of the selected keys.


Any suggestions?


I should probably mention that Type Lighting under the Basic mode works as expected, but I want to set this up via advanced mode for more control.

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