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K70 LUX RGB - modification/hole drilling/opening


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Hi. Weird question, but I'm trying to figure out if any of the screw holes on this keyboard could be drilled all the way through the bottom, so there's a continuous hole from top to bottom (so I can bolt it to something), without damaging the circuitry. I've been trying to remove the top or bottom by removing all the screws, so that I could look inside, and so far I've removed about 20 screws but from prying on the edges it's not seeming like that's going to allow me to remove the top or bottom. But I don't even need to remove the top or bottom as long as I know I can safely drill some holes. I need to drill at least 2, preferably 4 holes spread around the edges, so the thing can be bolted down pretty securely. I'm looking at the holes next to the Tab key, Ctrl, and the two above/below the + key (the one on the far right). Basically, can I safely drill through these holes all the way through the bottom? I'd really appreciate your answers - thanks!


EDIT - NM - drilled holes successfully

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solved problem
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