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CUE software macros not working after PC restart


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I just bought the k65 keyboard and scimitar pro mouse and I'm having major issues with the cue software.


On a clean installation the software works fine...I can macro the 12 buttons on the side and they'll work but after I restart my PC even though the macros are still showing under the actions tab none of them work all 12 buttons of the side of the mouse and the 2 on the top are disabled. The only way to fix this is by doing a clean install of the cue software or using the on board memory of the mouse, but after a clean install when i restart my PC i still continue to have the problem.


I had the razer naga mouse and keyboard before these 2 and never had issues with the razer software.....


1) I've uninstalled and deleted all razer software/files from my PC to no avail

2) I've tried to repair corsair software in the apps and features but get this error message...



3) checking for errors under device manager



- side note


Here's a quick picture of some macros i made to a few buttons on the side of the mouse i couldn't be bothered to make more due to issues




This issue occurs on both the keyboard and the mouse so it's most likely a software problem

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