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Harpoon defaults back/sutck to Green RGB between profile switches


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I recently bought a Corsair Harpoon. CUE is really the best in terms of reliability and capability. But there is one tiny problem, whenever I switch apps and mouse profile switches accordingly, there is this 2-3 second delay in RGB color change where RGB reverts to green. After this delay it changes to the correct color IF the current profile has a custom lighting effect defined. If it doesn't have any, color stays green. I like the yellow color for example and I want it to display yellow at all times, only change color if a profile has a custom lighting effect defined.


So in short:

  1. Default color is green, why ? If it's possible how can I change the default color in CUE?
  2. There is a color switch delay when mouse switches profiles. Is it possible to get rid of this delay?

Maybe both of these are bugs and can be fixed. I appreciate any help, thx.

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