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760T Top Mounted H100i V2 with 4 fans, orientation and mounting questions


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I am really struggling getting this to work. I have my H100i V2 currently mounted to the top of my 760T I have fans on the bottom currently PUSHING hot air out the top of my case.


I have tried to install my crap cooler master sickle flow fans to the top of the rad but i am struggling with lining up the rad with loose fans sitting ontop it to the screw holes on top of grill on the case. obviously the fans slide around because they aren't attached yet.. Also where can i get replacement screws for this case? I currently dont have any to attach a new fan to the rad..


I am currently window shopping on amazon to get some new fans for my entire case. With the way this Rad is setup should I be using the SP's on the bottom of the rad suck air from the case through the rad, or on top of the rad to pull air through the rad and out of my case?


My current set up...

default 2 140mm red led fans on front of case intaking Image for reference : https://i.imgur.com/w28UZhT.jpg

default 140mm corsair fan Intaking rear of case. (Replacing with red AF140mm) Image for reference : https://i.imgur.com/eIvGpbB.jpg

Cooler master sickleflow 120mm bottom of case intaking ( going to be replacing with AF120) Image for reference : https://i.imgur.com/vujOXhA.jpg

H100i V2 with default fans attached to bottom of rad top mounted exhausting air Images for reference: https://i.imgur.com/5Vjrf6S.jpg and https://i.imgur.com/QoTp48W.jpg


Here's my temps in LINK






if anyone has suggestions for better air flow or setup please let me know :)

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