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SP120 RGB Fan noise..


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Hello everyone,


The SP120 RGB fan is making a very weird rattling noise every so often, most of the times I don't hear it as I have my headset on, but when not using the PC or just doing work related tasks, its super annoying...! :sigh!:


Did anyone find a solution to this issue? I noticed that if I apply a tiny bit of pressure on top of the case of the fan closest to the front it appears to go away for a few moments.


System specs if it relates to any issues/problem solving:


Case: Corsair 460X

Fans: SP120 x 6 RGB - All connected via Y connectors to the motherboard.

PSU: RM750i

Cooler: H100i V2 (Front mount, not using the supplied fans)

Mobo: Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming

CPU: I5-8600K

RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM

GPU: Gigabyte (Aorus) 1070 Xtreme Gaming

OS: Windows 10, latest update


I know there are NUMEROUS posts about this which I've read through without finding a solution. I decided to post this to see if anyone found a solution to the issue but yet hasn't posted their fix etc.

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