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Heads up - latest win 10 update wreaks havoc on keyboard and USB peripherals


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I registered just to share this, I just spent a day of total insanity. Keyboard randomly not registering input or going totally bonkers, lights going on and off. At first I thought it was my Strafe RGB dying, then my MOBO, then found out this.


Now after A LOT of fiddling I got an older logitech random keyboard working, my Strafe still goes nuts when I plug it in. I'm afraid the issue is that the MS update ****s up drivers entirely and I'm not sure how to do a clean wipe of the Strafe drivers and reinstall everything from scratch (thanks CUE for being such a great software). If anyone has any tips about that it would be welcome.


Just don't underestimate the win 10 issue I posted above, if you search about it you'll see in the past few days there have been many reports, on a lot of forums people are complaining companies got suddenly a ton of employees reporting to IT their keyboards or other USB peripheral were no working anymore.

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