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Auto shutdown initiated Void Wireless?


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Hi guys, I have got a set of the Void Wireless I bought them 8 months ago and tbf Not had an issue with them until today, I have seen on this forum that there is a known bug called the "Auto shutdown initiated" and that is what I am having? the headset just shuts down after a few minutes?


I have updated the software and paired both devices (Dongle/Headset) Any ideas how to stop this please? I have also searched on this site and still not found a cure?






Ok I have found out what it was, Simple but I missed it and I was going to post a picture of it to help others However this forum mods decided Not to allow users to so here is the instructions.


You have to click on the Settings COG (Highlighted) and then UNTICK the "ENABLE AUTO SHUTOFF"


It worked for me.

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