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Don’t know what to make of these tests?


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I have two sticks of Corsair Twinx 3200XMS paired CAS2.0 modules of 512

I am “extremely” careful when I install memory.

I’ve had these sticks for over one year and have never had problems with my system and I still don’t.


Just for the heck of it, I decided to run a test using both Memtest86 3.2 then I tried Memtest Plus 1.5


I can not believe that it found 82 Errors and failing addresses.

How can my system be running so good with this much bad memory? I have opened 800+ MB files in Photoshop with other stuff running using 100% of my memory and nothing has ever crashed. I play hard core games like OFP, Unreal…No crashes. (OS is Win-XP Pro by the way)

This memory is NOT ECC either so shouldn’t I be getting corrupted files or blue screens if my memory had this many errors?


By the way, when I install memory, I always touch the case with the power cord plugged in and I NEVER touch the contacts or chips; I always hold it by the sides. know one else touches this compute but me, I just wanted to be clean on this. How could I be running bad memory for this long without any errors or crashes?



My system specs


XP-Pro Spk2

ASUS P4G8X Mother Board/Chipset->Intel-E7205

G-force4 Ti 4800/128

Two Matched Sticks of ram/None other

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Hi Wired.



I went into the BIOS and disabled the USB legacy support which was on AUTO, then I exited and saved as you said.


Same deal with the tests, :confused: I’m getting errors in the first 2 min’s of testing. But why is my computer running so good? I’ve been running this copy of windows for over 5 months since the last install of XP and I have no problems what’s so ever.



Is there a special testing program that Corsair recommends using with their module?

I don’t’ know what to think at this point. Any more recommendations?

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this is crazy, please hear me out one sec.


Please carefully read what I’m saying here.


Ok, I Just tested each chip one by one and the first time one of the chips came up with some bad errors.

-Then I tested the second chip (3 Passes) Not one error.

-Then I put the first chip back in and went (3 Passes) on that on and now that chip is ok! What the hell? :confused:



As soon as I put both chips back in I’m getting errors like crazy, Yet Windows XP is running great and has been for 6 months!


Here is something strange though: when I tried to access the Advanced Options menu inside the Mentest86+ program, a window came up saying “Chipset NoT Supported. Yet the web site mentions the E7205 as a supported chipset. /USB legacy was disabled in bios for all tests by the way.


Now, here is quote from the Memtest86 web site.


There are some systems that cause Memtest86 to be confused about the size of memory and it will try to test non-existent memory. This will cause a large number of consecutive addresses to be reported as bad and generally there will be many bits in error. If you have a relatively small number of failing addresses and only one or two bits in error you can be certain that the errors are valid.





Ok guys I don’t know what to think

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I don't have another DDR type system to test on,

just an intel III which uses PC133


Someone in another forum mentioned that Windows XP will bypass bad addresses, (Just-Not-Using them) if there are only a few that are bad.

I had a bad stick in a system a few months back and it messed everything up instantly. I was getting corrupted errors and all kinds of funny things happing.


However, On this current system which I’m concerned about. I have not had one error or glitch. According to (Memtest89+ 1.5) I’ve got 83 errors.

But Memtest 89 ver3.2 told me I had over 130 errors. So I don’t know what to believe.



I just don’t want to ship these modules out if there is noting wrong with them. Can’t corsair recommend a specific tester for their memory or another to try?

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