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LL120 RGB Issues 4th Controller Dead?


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Ok I use 7 Corsair LL120s with 2 controller and 1 Lighting node pro.


Since release they have been fine. As of 2 days ago. Random fans would stop lighting up. So I switched their ports and they would work again. I've been through numerous controllers back when I had HD120s.


Now the problem I face is 1 fan only half the LEDs will light up. Port 1 fan works fine port 2 fan only half the LEDs lights turn on. Of I use 3 4 5 or 6 nothing works.


So I've used controller 2 to control in ports 1 2 3 4 but 5 and 6 don't work.


Has a dud fan killed my controllers? I'm running these from a 1050w Seasonic snow silent on my 7980xe and Asus rampage VI. Everything else is fine EXCEPT this fan and my controllers. Would the 1 fan days only half lighting (In all working ports) be the issue?

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