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First build with RGB Fans


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I am currently building my first RGB setup.


I have seen numerous videos showing how to set them up via Commander Pro and/or Lighting Pro.


But what I haven't found is a way of testing said fans outside of an already configured system.


My case is currently barebones, having only just started. And it will, hopefully, be a massive success for me.

It will hold 8x LL120 RGB and 4x LL140 RGB fans via Commander Pro and 2x Lighting Node in a setup as such


Front of Case - 2x LL140 attached to my H110i AIO

Roof of Case - 8x LL120 in a 2x4 setup (Case is TT Core X9 Horizontal MB)

Rear of Case - 2x LL140


I have sussed out airflow direction, and (hopefully) they are fitted correctly


So far the case has just Fans and PSU (AX 1600i)

I noticed one of the Videos showed the Pong lighting effect


Is there a way of testing the directionality of said RGB with my current build progress?


As I would hate to have to undo all my latest attempt at cable management.


Currently using twist ties to attempt some resemblance of neatness while I sort the RGB direction out


Thanks in advance




(A very nervous RGB Newbie)

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You can test them "outside the case". The biggest thing that you'll need is power; you can use a paperclip, however, to switch your PSU on. From there, you can connect the Lighting Node Pro to an external USB port via a standard mini USB cable.


On thing that I'll do ... I have an external HDD connection where I can plug a standard HDD into USB. This has a molex connector that I connect to a NoPro/FanHub using a molex-to-SATA adapter. This works for the NoPro as it only need 5V. It will not work for the Commander Pro (CoPro) as it requires the 3.3V rail that isn't available via molex. I'll install Link on my laptop and connect the NoPro to the laptop's USB ports.

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Worth having a read of the below thread, Lot's of info.. but for you.. diagrams of how it all connects. ;),, either way you would need an OS installed for LINK to be running for effects such as pong etc








I'll install Link on my laptop and connect the NoPro to the laptop's USB ports.


Didn't see that bit lol....

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One thing I have not noticed before.


Probably because I haven't seen them on non-RGB Fans


Are the 2 arrows on the side of the fan


1 - I have figured as Airflow Direction so I know which way the blades face for intake or exhaust


2 - The arrow facing along the frame .... is this "This way UP" or is it "Blade Spin Direction"


If it is "This way up" then I have them set right and I apologise for my seemingly numb original post ... doesn't help being a senior type RGB newb

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This is turning out to be a bit more tricky than I expected, but worth it (I hope)


Have read further into this THANKS to Dev's links


It is looking like I am going to need another CoPro to get the full aesthetics


Have realised my system has 14 fans at mo (not 12 as OP)

Forgot my AIO has 4 fans in a ... < | < ... set up

After reading that the LL fans RGB is only visible on the intake side

I will need to change to a ... > | < ... set up


Which will leave my rear fans unconnected

Have decided one rear fan need not be RGB as it will be behind my HDD cage and not fully visible (but that may change) and set up as intake so it can cool my HDDs


So I might be buying a further 4x LL120's for the side of case


I would also like to thank you guys for the help you have given me


I am also taking pics as I go along, so I may post here the final outcome


Me thinks my wallet will be going on strike soon

Even the delivery guy is on first name terms now, he's been here that often


Once again ...... THANK YOU

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hey bud.. quick question. what does I "> | < " mean?


if you mean both fans pulling air into the rad... Cant do that dude.... need cool air to pass through the rad..




It seemed self defeating, sending air from both sides thru the rad


Looks like I may have to go with a Cpl of HD RGB fans on inside of rad




My wallet is really gonna hate me now :D:


If that is the case, then I may not need to purchase another CoPro.

Can run the HD's through a spare NoPro .... I hope

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HD RGB fans on inside of rad


Exactly what I did..




Although,, that cooler is due to come out and a H150i Pro to go in it's place.. which is what the HD fan on the PSU shroud is waiting for ;)


The HD's throw some much needed light into the case :)

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Nice rig


I always thought people set their roof fans as exhaust Or is that another Rad on the roof?


Intake from front and sides for cool air then push out thru rear and top


Looks like I'm swapping my fans about again lol

I wondered how they got the light into the case with LL fans if they were facing out (apart from rear exhaust)


You guys are helping me so much

I can't thank you enough


Build so far




Have decided to go Fan Down on the PSU, as the MOBO Tray has an SSD/HDD caddy that would sit right above the PSU Fan

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Intake from front and sides for cool air then push out thru rear and top


a few things going on here,,,


top is filtered ;). as is the front.. lots of gaps around the edges of the glass and indeed around the back and underneath the case. so given the gaps.. dust is going to be an issue unless you have positive pressure (more air in than out)




I found this case to be best ran with top and front as intake and rear as exhaust... this works really well for me.. minimal dust/fluff in the case.. more than cool enough airflow.. and the added bonus that the top fans are wafting lovely cool air all over my ram etc ;)...

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  • 1 month later...



My rig is finally built, it started out as, what I thought, would be a straight forward build.

It turned out to be an ongoing hassle

Had to rearrange a few of my fans, due to ONE really big problem ...... My Rad could not fit on the front of my case.

Due to the pipes from the Rad to the CPU block would not reach

So I had to put it on the roof


Then a slightly smaller issue having connected all my fans to their appropriate CoPro (I have 2 of them) I found that one of the RGB connectors was marked wrong

I connected them in the correct sequence 1 - 6 and when I turned my rig on it turned out that ports 1 and 3 were wrong way round


I have also managed to equip RGB strips to the back of my screens via a NoPro


I think it was worth the effort .......https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiVfkh6CX_pOh41EprKIBejzABe-Fg


Once again I can't thank you guys enough for the help and info you have provided me with for this build


I also noticed, after firing up the Pong effect, the last Fan in the chain has to be upside down for the paddle effect ...... d'oh

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OK .... slight issue with iCue


Followed your instructions on the page


Uninstalled Link AND Cue

I also deleted all saved profiles (fresh start)


Installed iCue and rebooted as per install


Now it cannot find any connected devices


I have K95 RGB, ST100, Void Pro, MM800 and Scimitar RGB

Not forgetting my CoPros and NoPros


Any ideas ??

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It took me a bit of searching, but I think I found the issue


After the build I upgraded my Graphics to a new RX580 card


Upon installation of new card it also installed an RGB prog for control.

Unbeknownst to me, this prog was an older version of the Aura program already installed, yet it didn't inform me of such.


This exe (LEDControlService.exe) was conflicting with the new iQue software, and disabled all the RGB's on my system as well as removing all devices from iQue


Have uninstalled said older program and now iQue is working fine and I am well impressed with it, thus far

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