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I think corsair should launch a 2000 watt psu for mining


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2000 is also not big enough.


As a practical matter, 1600 is the biggest power supply that can be safely, continuously run at full load on a 120v 20a circuit.


Having 2 AC plugs is not a supportable solution from a customer experience and support perspective.

Requiring 240v input is not a supportable solution as it would require special wiring to operate unless they shipped it with a clothes dryer plug, lol


If Corsair were to directly address the mining community, it would need to be in the form of optimization, not capacity. Features like linking multiple power supplies together so that you only need one ATX cable for poweringf them on and off via the motherboard. And very low accessory ports, very many PCI-E ports. Focusing output on the 12v rail. And less focus on aesthetics, acoustic performance, and more focus on cost, efficiency.


But really, the AX1600i is a good balance, minus the cost part. Cost per watt is a bit off the scale compared to some server power supply options.

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