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K70 Non-RGB (red) keeps going into backlight programming mode.


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Hopefully the title says it off but if not let me elaborate to be crystal clear on this. I have a K70 that is purely red and on any computer I connect it to it will work for a short while just fine and eventually it will stop.


The keyboard malfunction happens instantly and without warning at random. One moment I'll be pressing keys just fine and the next it's like my keyboard is completely unresponsive. At that point I will see that the backlight programming key is blinking repeatedly and any attempts to press any other keys simply result in them going from lit up to dark and back again when pressed another time. At this point i have a choice of either disconnecting or reconnecting the keyboard or I can toggle the BIOS timing from one setting to another or from one end to the other. When this occurs I get the normal behavior of a keyboard that goes completely dark, comes back up, and works for a while again. I'm at a loss as to what other things to try. I've attempted to install the Corsair Utility Engine, both the new and old (1.16.42) versions, but the new one doesn't seem to have any spot I can see to update the firmware and the old one says 'No device detected. Please connect a device.'


The keyboard is well beyond it's warranty exchange/replacement so I can't exactly send it back. Ideas?

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